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Fantasy Roleplay

A Return To A Simpler Time!

 What Is Hack-n-Slash?

Hack-n-Slash (HnS) is a introductory roleplaying game based upon the FUDGE RPG Engine, with a focus on fun and ease of play over rules and record keeping... a return to a simpler time when a single rulebook was all that was needed to enter worlds of heroic battles and daring deeds.

Storm a Castle!... Sack a village!... or delve into the darkest dungeon in search of Gold & Glory!   All this & more await you in the world of Hack & Slash.

 Latest News!

08/23/05A preview PDF of the hack-n-slash rules is now available.
08/23/05A PDF Wolf Pack set of Combat Cards has been added to the downloads page.
08/22/05Updated Hack-n-Slash product description and added a preview PDF to our online store.
08/15/05Hack-n-Slash will be available at GENCON INDY in the GPA showcase booth #1939.
08/15/05Hack-n-Slash: Fantasy Roleplay now available in our store.
05/13/05Website Updated, Hack-n-Slash Coming This Summer.
06/21/02Free hack-n-slash.com email service discontinued.
05/24/02Free hack-n-slash.com email service to be discontinued soon.
01/27/00HnS Stuff Store Now Open... Hack-n-Slash Printed T-Shirts, Mugs, and more now available.
01/19/00Updated the Products section with Hack-n-Slash: Fantasy Roleplay product information.
01/12/00Hexsheet.pdf HnS Combat Map added to the Downloads Section.
01/07/00Updated the Contact Us section with additional contact information.
01/05/00FREE! YourName@hack-n-slash.com E-Mail Now available. Signup for your own free H&S email account now, or click help to find out more about the service.
01/01/00FUDGE DICE! Utility for Palm/OS added to Downloads Section.
12/30/99Hack-n-Slash cover artwork image, now available on our website.
12/27/99www.hack-n-slash.com web site goes online.
12/21/99Digital Alchemy Aquires the hack-n-slash.com domain name.
07/10/99Cover Artwork for HnS to be produced By Artist Dan Smith.
06/15/99Hack-n-Slash Rulebook will include a set of ready to use fold-up figures courtesy of Sparks paper miniatures for your PC or MAC.
05/12/99Digital Alchemy aquires license to publish Hack-n-Slash: Fantasy Roleplay based upon the FUDGE Gaming Engine.

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